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A donation that will lift you up

Posted By Lauren Kent  
15:00 PM

Wrinkles aren’t the only obvious signs of aging and unfortunately as people get older, they also tend to become a little more familiar with battling gravity. Falls remains one of the greatest risk factors of ageing and although some tumbles may require medical assistance or even hospitalization, not all falls requires medical attention. In many cases, ambulance workers are called to the aid of a fallen person who may merely require assistance with getting back onto their feet which leaves some people feeling frustrated or even embarrassed at their inability to assist themselves.
Falling is a common occurrence for Mrs Zena Gough, a 93-year-old great-great-grandmother originally from Werrington and now a resident at the Fitzgerald Aged Care Facility in Windsor. Mrs Gough’s daughter, Denise, explains that her mother would have regular falls and the nurses would have to use a hoist which is cumbersome and doesn't fit in small spaces. Denise started looking for a device or piece of equipment that would assist with lifting her mother. Denise came across the Raizer® Lifting chair on YouTube, which showed a portable, lightweight battery operated “chair” that is quickly assembled around a fallen person and is designed to lift a person from a lying down position to a seated position within minutes. Denise was so impressed by the Raizer® Lifting chair that she wanted to donate a unit to Fitzgerald Aged Care which she knew would provide benefit for all residents and carers at the facility in Windsor.
Executive Manager, Mrs Anna Whitney says that she was truly thankful for the kind donation and was suitably impressed by the way the Raizer® lifting chair could lift fallen people from the floor in a dignified and secure manner whilst preventing risk of injury to staff, often associated with manual handling such as lifting people. The chair is easy to operate and can even be taken on the bus when transporting residents in the event that a fall occurs at the shops. The Raizer® has already been used with residents who give it the thumbs up.


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